We Can and Must Fight The Fascist Agenda

I have been attempting to formulate a coherent critique of the Republican all out attack on our democracy. It is not an accident we have our current president. It is a whole regime designed to create chaos to throw people off balance so the Republicans can take away our basic human rights and protections while we are in a state of confusion, fear, and disarray.

The minute we protested the Muslim ban Bannon was sneaked in as head of the NSA. Republicans want to dismantle every program which protects humans and the planet. Their goal is to destroy our democracy and dismantle the government. They want to abolish social security, the ACA, the EPA, and they’ve already begun the ruthless deportation of immigrants. Republicans are abolishing the protection of transpeople, the disabled, children and the most vulnerable among us. If one part of the population is attacked and discriminated it is an attack on all of us.

I feel bad for these Republicans; it reflects their own internal self-hatred which they project outward and turn into laws. These are weak men with fragile egos who want to instill fear and rage and let White Supremacists destroy our country.

They are radically evil. It is a Kantian radical sense of evil. They chose not to follow their conscience and the categorical imperative. It feels like a damn with hundreds of leaks. When we plug one leak there are hundreds of more we want to stop.

I know we most keep up the protesting, vigilance, counteracting their hatred. We must band together as the Muslim community just did for the Jewish community. We most not let fear seep in, we need to remind ourselves of the compassion and keep practicing acts of kindness. We need to learn from our different communities. The voices of the subaltern, the subjugated know the oppressors best. We need to LISTEN to Black Lives Matter and the Black community. Their people are being murdered daily. We need to listen to the Indigenous tribes who are on the front lines of saving planet earth. The subjugated have the knowledge to lead us. We must learn to think of how much stronger we are united.

Eventually, the Republican agenda will disintegrate. The people will stop it. I dream of the day when justice prevails and the evildoers who block justice are in jail. I dream of the day when one hundred million Americans from the place of love and compassion unite and each of us uses our talents to serve the resistance. We will only defeat them united. We must keep up the vigilance, we most call out fake news, we most SHOW UP at ICE checkpoints as we have been doing. We must use the federal court system to keep our protections. We must keep calling, showing up at town halls, demanding town halls. I refuse to give into chaos and be played by these evil lawmakers and administration.

Remember it is not just one person it is a whole party obstructing justice. At times I want to throw up, I want to pull my hair out, I want to scream, I want to cry. I want to scream on the top of my lungs. I want to hug all the worried people who are being attacked and living in fear for their lives. But we cannot let them win. The people of this country will prevail. The lawyers are our first responders, the coding community our eyes. Each uses their skills and talents to protect our democracy and take it back.

Sending Love and Compassion. I just had to get this out.


About the author: Emily